History in Maps


Compare the architectonic transformations of the university town from a bird’s-eye view.


Olomouc during the reign of Maria Theresa. During the long conflict with the bellicose Kingdom of Prussia, the town was gradually fortified.
Apprentices from the university were also engaged in the construction of the Theresian fortress town. One was the Swedish architect and mathematician Maximilian Jerg, who at the time was conducting his first experiments with electricity.


Olomouc at the time of Joseph II’s reforms. A massive garrison was built in the fortress town.
In this year, the university returned from its four-year temporary residence in Brno to the Olomouc Francis Xavier Seminary – the current seat of the UP CMFT.


Olomouc at the start of Franz Joseph I’s reign. Apex of the era of bastion fortifications.
To the southeast of the centre, the Crown Fortress complex is easily seen. Six years after this map was drawn, a large munitions armoury was completed – now the building of Fort Science.